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My biggest causes are climate change and the quest of Africa for development. These are massive causes and are problems I seek to address with almost every aspect of my work. In addition, I have other specific causes, which are more of subsets of the two big causes. They include justice and human rights, human dignity and inclusion. The least I do is to contribute to the organizations advancing these causes. For instance, I make monthly donation to Amnesty International, Operation Smile and Vancouver Coop Radio. Where possible, I also do more than just donate. For instance, I join relevant programmes on Vancouver Coop Radio as a guest or a member.
The idea is to do whatever we can to make the world a better place. Start by making your family and community better.

Causes: Projects


Since 2016

Amnesty International is a global movement of over seven million people who address injustice and human rights violation. I support the good work of the movement by making a monthly contribution, and will be available for professional help if needed. Please join me. To do so, you can use the link below.


Vancouver Coop Radio

Every child deserves dignity and should be able to have self-confidence. Children should not be ashamed of their body. Operation Smile provides simple surgeries to address mouth deformities in children, bringing out their smile. If you would like to make another child smile, please donate by following the link below.


Since 2018

Vancouver Coop Radio provides the opportunity for minority groups to express themselves. There is space for anyone considered a minority. You can support the radio by donating or joining. Please follow the link below.

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